Sunday, February 17, 2013

Good Morning America

In addition to teaching quilting, I also teach a Sunday School Class at St. James Episcopal Church in Marietta, GA.

A member of my Sunday School class, Asa Valente, will be interviewed on Monday morning Feb 18, between 8 and 9 AM on Good Morning America. She is part of the segment with info about GMA host Robin Roberts and her stem cell transplant.

A couple of years ago Asa received a stem cell transplant due to her leukemia. She is cancer free and healthy today. If you can, watch Good Morning America and see how the gift of a transplant can bring the gift of new life to Robin Roberts, to Asa and to many others. 

St.James Marietta in Spring, a season of new life, a gift every person living with cancer deserves.

All of you know that I am very interested in leukemia research because my granddaughter, Madeline, has leukemia. Hers is managed with daily chemo meds that keep her in remission. Should the meds ever fail (we pray not) then a bone marrow or stem cell transplant would be one of the options. The organization that has helped my granddaughter the most is the Rally Foundation for childhood cancer.

Here is my family at a Rally Foundation event. Madeline is second from the left. She is flanked by her two brothers and my daughter and son-in-law are on the right. Only 18, Madeline often speaks at these events in Atlanta to emphasize the importance of childhood cancer research and how it saves lives. 

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