Saturday, January 28, 2012

Public TV quilting programs

I live in Atlanta, a pretty big television market and a metropolitan area with lots of quilters, quilt shops and quilting guilds. The ONLY quilting program we have available to us is at 5:30 AM on Saturday morning. It is a good one, Quilting Arts, but we have to get up very early to watch it, or we can record it to watch later. I also subscribe to the Quilting daily email and they often offer free e-books (pdf format) teaching various quilting techniques.

You can subscribe to Quilting Arts magazine, hard copy or e-magazine. Last year I decided to only subscribe to the e-magazine version of all my magazines because the pile of paper in my house was getting totally out of control. I put them all in a folder on my desktop where I can refer to them with a click of the mouse.

So far I have only made one art quilt myself that I think is successful. It has rotary cutting without rulers except for the borders and extensive hand beading on the surface. It was great fun and very satisfying to make this quilt and I have a few more designed, but haven't found the time to make them yet.

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