Thursday, January 26, 2012

getting started with quilting

I start every day with a devotion, then I sit and sew while I meditate on that devotion. I like poetry, verses from the bible, or a line from a book I am reading as inspiration as a text to start the day. I like to start this way because it doesn't take long for my day to start spinning into lots of activity as I design quilts, fabrics, new quilting tools, or whatever! Oops, I forgot to say working on my next book. It's fun, hectic and creative.

How do you start your day?


  1. I begin with a couple large cups of coffee & Facebook. After that I usually head downstairs to quilt on my latest project. Isn't life wonderful? I am looking forward to reading your blog! Smiles,Maureen

  2. I get a huge, leisurely cup of coffee while I read read email or facebook, then I run around like a looney trying to get dressed to get to the train on time.

  3. I start with breakfast and checking my email. I'm looking forward to your blog. :-)