Saturday, May 2, 2020

A Zoom Wedding

This afternoon (Saturday 2 May) I am going to a ZOOM wedding. My granddaughter and her fiancé have decided to tied the knot on their original choice of a date. Only 10 people can attend, limiting it to the minister, the engaged couple, moms and dads, plus brother and sister. The rest of the family has been invited to attend via ZOOM. Not the wedding that was planned but still a wedding that is greatly celebrated. The bride is a childhood cancer survivor so this is a double celebration. Naturally, I made a quilt for them. The rest of the family and all the invited guests will attend the reception and other previous planned events in September--a two part celebration.
Color Fusion quilt for Madeline and Thomas

Close -up of quilt. Featured in my book, Jelly Roll Jazz

Here are photos of the wedding. Thomas and Madeline....

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