Friday, November 20, 2015

Quilters Rule!

My Georgia driver's license expires on Monday. I devoted this week to obtaining a Washington DC license. It took 4 days.

Tuesday: I took complete DMV forms (2 of them) to my eye doctor and my primary care doctor to get a medical sign off.

Wednesday: Off to the DMV armed with doctor's forms, social security card, GA license and two utility bills (to prove I live in DC). Stop! No birth certificale, no license. REALLY! Back home and a two hour search later I found the certificate.

Thursday: I decided to get my expired passport renewed for backup documentation, just in case the DMV didn't accept my birth certificate. A visit to the passport office at the US Post Office. Mission complete, the passport is on its way.

Friday: Back to the DMV with my funny little birth certificate, black background with white printing. It's a photograph of a microfiche record. I was born before copy machines. I wasn't sure if DMV would accept such an ancient certificate. I walked right in, got a number for my turn, and it was called right away. I went to the designated clerk and presented all my documentation. She was examining the forms and noticed that my occupation was listed as Quiltmaker. She said, I'm a quilter, I meet with a group called DC Threads in your area of town, come join us. She breezed right through my paperwork. In less than 30 minutes I had my new license. No hassle today, just lots of happy quilt talk. We need to infiltrate quilters everywhere so the whole world can be happy.

Here is a happy quilt I made several years ago. It's called Delectable Mountains. I'm sharing it in honor of celebrating my birthday in the mountains.

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