Friday, March 6, 2015

Snow Day

What do you do in Washington DC when the snow is almost blizzard level, the sidewalks and roads are icy dangerous for driving or walking? Stay home and sew of course. First I want to show you the bus that slid off the street onto the snowy lawn across the street. This is the view from my apartment window. It took about two hours to get the bus back on the road.

My apartment window faces Connecticut Ave so I had a full view of the action (or lack of it) outside while I was sewing my very own Courthouse Twist table runner. I finished four blocks because I had to find and sort my batiks (they were under my bed in a sliding plastic box). I managed to finish four blocks, took an iphone photo of them and then duplicated them to get an idea of what my finished runner would look like. This is a good way to have a peek-a-boo at a finished project before sewing all of the blocks. I am not the best photographer, but what do you think?


  1. Snow in DC and none in Idaho? I remember when I used to leave DC to travel to Idaho for snow. Maybe I should move back to be able to play in the snow!

  2. Laura, you missed the illicit sledding on Capitol Hill. The CH police handed out notices of the law prohibiting the sledding but the cute little kids on their sleds weren't old enough to read them. You also missed the snowball war with half the 20-30 somethings defending the fountain in Dupont Circle and the other half attacking with fat juicy snowballs. Then there were the two snowman builders on the national Mall who were being interviewed by the TV crew. They were given an orange traffic cone to use as a hat and when they put it on the snowman's head the whole thing collapsed under the weight of the cone...all live on local TV to bring a bit of humor to an otherwise cold and snowy day.