Saturday, March 21, 2015

Getting Organized

The first day of spring and it's snow again in DC. Snow days mean sew days for a quilter. I took the time to organize my strips to make a new quilt. It is called Pineapple Rings and I am using my Pineapple Trim Tool by Creative Grids© to make the 10" pineapple blocks. Here is what my sewing space looked like as I organized it to sew the blocks.

I have started using a sectioned flatware tray to organize my strips before I start to sew. the tray helps me keep my strips in order by color so I can select just the right one to add next. I always post a picture of my projects before I start to sew to keep my plan clearly in view. Pineapple Rings will be a pattern available about mid-May. The Pineapple Trim Tool is available on my website

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