Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I have been sorting through some old photos of quilts I have made in the past. This is the distant past as I made this one in Florida over 20 years ago. I had just learned about charm quilts and decided I wanted to make one too. In a charm quilt each fabric is used only one time, no fabric is repeated. At the time I made this quilt I had already amassed a large fabric stash to work from. Charm squares cut 5" square had just become very popular and quilters were trading these squares at guild meetings, quilt shows and wherever they happened to meet. Here is my charm quilt....

Quilt Name: Tree of Life...and So They Were Charmed

This quilt is entirely hand made, every stitch by hand even the binding. Except for the tree trunks in the center and the borders not one fabric is repeated. Notice the rounded corners on the outside edges. I didn't know how to do mitered corners in the binding...solution, round the corners. At the base of the large center tree Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam are leaning against the trunk back to back. Did you notice the snake slithering down the tree to tempt them with forbidden fruit? Sue is holding the apple, but like Eve, will she take a bite? There are seven stars and a quarter moon surrounding the top of the tree. Every leaf is hand cut in slightly different sizes. Appliqué is needle turn method only. Quilting also by hand with the baptist fan pattern at the bottom for the earth and wavy lines with little clouds at the top for the sky. The border is more or less echo quilted around the trees. 

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