Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jelly Roll book in progress

Today I am off to Birmingham, Alabama to be a vendor selling my books and rulers at their quilt show. If you are anywhere nearby come to the show and stop by to say "hello".
Using the scroll down menu, tap on Quilt Fest 2013 for directions to the show. See you there!

Here is what I am leaving behind!

I am almost finished sewing the quilt tops for the new Jelly Roll book. Two quilts have already been quilted. Want to see what a book in progress looks like? Here is the pile of quilts and quilt tops stacked up on my big reading chair in my sewing room. Guess what I will be doing next week? Longarming and machine quilting the quilts in this stack. What fun!

Jelly Roll quilts in progress.

On Tuesday I drove over to Clarkesville GA to present a program to their quilt guild. Clarkesville is in the North Georgia Mountains. They have a large, active guild. Much to my surprise one of the members made my Sweet Sixteen Hundred quilt in sections just like the one I shared on my blog a few weeks ago. It was such fun to see it! My quilt was all in strips of reds, oranges and purples. You can see that hers is multicolored. The instructions to make this quilt will be in my new Jelly Roll book which is scheduled to "roll out" in late fall this year.

Mountain Laurel quilter with her own version of the Sweet Sixteen Hundred quilt.


  1. Hope you sell many books and rules and the quilt is just beautiful.Have an amazing day!

  2. Keep up the good work - I can't wait to get that book. Nice quilt!