Saturday, June 22, 2013

Birmingham Quilt

This weekend I am at the Birmingham quilt show. I have a vendor booth to demo and sell my books and rulers. This is a new activity for me -- my second show. The Pineapple Trim Tools are hot, they are almost sold out. Log Cabin Trim Tool sales are steady but not as hot as the Pineapple here in Birmingham.

So what do you see at a quilt show when you are tied to a vendor booth? Rosie! She was the most adorable visitor to our booth. We were so enthralled with Rosie we forgot to demo the rulers and lost a sale...but who cares.
Rosie rides! This is a dog stroller. Her mom says she got it on amazon and they have lots of colors but of course Rosie needed pink.

Rosie wore her pink dress to the quilt show. Rosie's grandmom sews all of her little outfits and makes matching hair pieces for them all. Apparently Rosie loves to dress up. It's a dog's life!

Oh yes, there are lots and lots of quilts at the show but none as captivating as Rosie.


  1. Was this poor dog unable to walk?
    Why was the dog admitted to a quilt show?

  2. Charlotta, we would never do this with our dogs, but I promise you, this dog seemed to love all the attention and riding in the stroller. The dog was admitted to the quilt show because he was in the stroller and was not allowed to be put down on the floor. Hopefully at home she can run around at will.