Friday, May 25, 2012

Marking Time

Debby Kratovil and I have been best quilting buddies for 25 years. When I was editor-in-chief at QUILT magazine. Debby was my best contributing editor designing and making several new quilts for each issue of the magazine. Debby has lots of energy and is always looking for new quilting opportunities. This led to designing all the quilts for the Quilt-A-Day calendar. The year Debby moved from Atlanta to Virginia I did the calendar for her, and since then we have been working on the calendar together. The 2013 Calendar is now available. Look for it on the internet or from your favorite bookstore. Some years I have seen it for sale at Costco. Amazon has offered the calendars for sale in past years, the most recent the 2012 edition. This is a boxed calendar with each day of the year having a separate page with a new quilt block or directions to sew the blocks into a quilt. The box is hard cardboard and folds back to use on the desk top.

In case you are curious, we are presently working on the 2014 Calendar. We offer hundreds of quilt blocks and the directions to sew them into quilts. Debby is figuring out how she can give away a copy on her blog...and I hope to follow her example. Any ideas?


  1. The calendar is awesome and a giveaway will be welcome.

  2. Oh, I may have to look into this. I've never purchased one before - looks nice.

  3. Looks great...will have to see if it's available at my local B&N store.

  4. I haven't got a clue on how to give it away if you're looking for something new and originial.
    Of course, you could make this post a surprise giveaway by using the random number generator with those who have read your blog and commented about how much they love the calendars. LOL Surprise giveaways are always fun.

    I have the Companion CD although I'm not sure which year it's from because it doesn't have a date anywhere. I'm not supre familiar with them but was there a new CD for each year the calendar was printed? I really love the CD's because I can print the blocks to make whenever I want to and the CD is small saving storage space. Of course I don't have the calendar, just the block instructions.