Monday, May 14, 2012

Bonus Pattern

I promised you a bonus pattern for mid may and here it is. Of course there is always a bit of promo with a free pattern, so I will tell you up front that this log cabin quilt can be made with old fashioned methods of cutting every log to size – or you can make it the easy way with the new Log Cabin Trim Tool. With the trim tool you don't have to cut every log to size as they are trimmed perfectly to size after each round of logs is sewn in place. Watch the youtube video to see how the log cabin trim tool works – – then visit my website to order the tool.

Quilt Size: 54" x 72"

Four Squared Blocks: 8" x 8"
Applique borders: 8" wide

Fabric and Material Requirements
3/4 yd raspberry
1-1/2 yd cream
1-1/4 yd berry pink
1 yd 5324 chocolate
1 yd 5300 cocoa
1/4 yd 5300 chocolate
1 yd 5300 blueberry
1-1/4 yd 5321 cocoa
Steam-a-seam 2 1/2" wide fusible web
3/4 yd Steam-a-seam fusible web for leaves and berries

Here is the block image with the cutting measurements (for the old-fashined cut to size method), and an image of Log Cabin Trim Tool to go modern and make your block in half the time and effort.

Making The Quilt
1. Sew the strips around the center square as shown and make a total of 37 blocks as indicated.
2. Sew 24 of the blocks together for the top right section of the quilt as shown. 
3. Cut an applique strip 8-1/2" x 48-1/2"and sew to the side of the top right block assembly. Cut an applique strip 8-1/2" x 40-1/2" and sew to the bottom of the top right block assembly to reach across the first applique strip. 
4. Use a quarter as the template to cut the large pink berries and a nickel as the template to cut the smaller blue berries. Draw an oval with points at each end for the leaves using the nickle for the center width of the leaf to make your template. Cut the undulating stem 3/8" wide on the bias of the brown fabric. Use the steam-a-seam 2 strips to fuse the vine in place. Use steam a seam fusible web to back the berries and leaves. Fuse the stem, leaves and berries in place. Option, zig-zag stitch with matching color threads or invisible thread to secure the applique pieces.
5. Pay careful attention to the color placement and orientation of the blocks to sew 7 log cabin blocks in a vertical row and join to the right side of the applique strip. Repeat to join the remaining 5 log cabin blocks to the bottom of the quilt.
6. Layer the quilt top, batting and backing. Quilt the layers together. Cut 2-1/4" wide brown binding strips, sew together end-to-end, and fold in half lengthwise to bind the outside edges of the quilt.


  1. Very pretty pattern..thanks!
    Just placed my order for this tool and can't wait for it to arrive :o)

  2. Thank you so much for doing this. I really appreciate your time and effort to put this out. I just love it!

  3. LOVE IT!love it!love it! Thanks Jeanann.

  4. I just came from Sew We Quilt, LOVE your ruler!!!

  5. That is a beautiful quilt. Thank you for the instructions and info about your new tool which looks really great.

    *Note* If you could check your website it would be great. I am using IE8 (and am sure many others still do as well) and your website is not playing nice with that browser. All that shows on your home page (other pages are equally as bad) are pictures of your quilts all shoved to the right side of the page some over top of each other. ALL wording is completely hidden either totally off the right side of the page, or underneath the pictures of the quilts. None of the text is readable however as you can only view portions of the words. I wasn't sure if you were aware of this and thought I'd mention it since it does make it impossible for anyone using Internet Explorer to view your website. :( The blog is fine however. I opened a Chrome browser window since my husband loaded that onto my computer so he could use it to test and the website loads fine with that so it appears to only be a problem using Internet Explorer.

  6. Three of my favorites(chocolate, berries and cream) in a quilt! Awesome. Thanks for sharing at Madame Samm's. It's beautiful.

  7. Almost finished my currents projects and going to make this one real soon. I'll pst a pic when done :-)