Wednesday, May 2, 2012

blog connections

I started out today with one quilt design in mind for the blog.  As the day progressed I partnered with another blogger who wants to use some of my blocks, with directions to make the block, on her blog, with the directions to make the actual quilt on my blog. I like the idea of partnering blogs so here is our first dual-blog quilt project.

Quilt Size: 64" x 79"
Block Size: 12" x 12" finished
Block Count: 12

Fabric Requirements

Aqua – 2 yards: Lime – 2/3 yard: Pink – 2-3/4 yards: Cream – 1-1/2 yards

Sewing Directions

1. To find the block pattern and directions to make the individual Depression blocks go to:

2. Cut (11) aqua 3-1/2" x width of fabric (wof) strips, recut into (31) 3-1/2" x 12-1/2" sashings.

3. Cut (2) pink 3-1/2" x wof strips, recut into (20) 3-1/2" sashing squares. 

4. Sew the blocks together in 4 rows of 3 blocks each with an aqua sashing separating the blocks. Begin and end with a sashing.

5. Sew the remaining aqua sashings into rows with 3 sashings separated by 4 pink sashing squares. Make 5 rows. Alternate the 5 sashing rows and 4 block rows to make the quilt center. 

6. Cut (7) 3-1/2" x wof strips, sew together end-to-end then cut (2) 3-1/2" x 63-1/2" vertical borders and (2) 3-1/2" x 48-1/2" horizontal borders. Cut (4) lime 3-1/2" squares for cream border corners. Sew the vertical borders in place. Join the lime corner squares to the horizontal borders and sew to the top and bottom of the quilt center.

7. Cut (8) 5-1/2" x wof strips, sew together end-to-end then cut (2) 5-1/2" x 69-1/2" vertical borders and (2) 5-1/2" x 54-1/2" horizontal borders. Cut (4) aqua 5-1/2" border corner squares. Join the pink vertical borders to opposite sides of the quilt top. Join the aqua border corner squares to each end of the horizontal borders then sew the borders to the top/bottom of the quilt to complete the quilt top.

8. Layer the quilt top, batting and backing. Quilt layers together. Cut (8) 2-1/4" wide pink binding strips  and bind the outside edges.


  1. This is a great block and it all! Saw your block at Madame Samm's!

  2. Thanks for your lovely block pattern, I am a new follower..."met" you at Madame Samm's.

  3. Hi, Jean Ann,
    Thank you for sharing your block and quilt with the crowd at SewWeQuilt! Isn't Madame Samm fantastic? She has a way of gathering us all together! I've enjoyed your block of the day calendars in the past, so fun!

  4. thanks Deonn and Kris, I am quite happy that Madame Samm "discovered" my blog and that we are connecting.

  5. What a Happy quilt - the name is perfect! Thanks for sharing! I have just put this on my to do list! :)

  6. Love the pattern! Madame Samm knows how to find some fun blogs for me, I mean us, to follow. :O) I really must make this!

  7. very pretty! Love the pattern. I feel another Christmas present comin' on! Thanks you :)