Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week 5 Sunbonnet Sleuth

This week you will complete the alternating blocks for the Spintastic quilt. More easy sewing for you.

Next week the assembly for the quilt with border measurements will be posted. You will have the month of May to complete your quilt, sewing the blocks together, adding borders and, yes, actually quilting it! The next mystery will start the first week of June.

I am off to the local farmer's market this morning with six pairs of scissors for the scissor sharpener. Over the winter, with all the cutting I do, they have really dulled down. I leave near the historic town square so I can walk the dog to the square drop the scissors to be sharpened, buy my fresh veggies for the week, get my nice, sharp scissors, then come home to cut and sew.


1. From the aqua fabric cut (2) 7-1/4" x wof strips, recut into (10) 7-1/4" squares. Cut each square in half on the diagonal twice to make a total of (40) quarter-square triangles.

2. From the big dots fabric cut (4) 6-7/8" x wof strips, recut into (20) 6-7/8" squares. Cut each square in half on the diagonal once to make (40) half-square triangles.


1. Sew an aqua quarter-square triangle to each side of the square-in-square unit from week 4. Press.

2. Sew a big dot half-square triangle to each side of the aqua triangles. Press. Make 10 blocks.

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  1. All done for the week! I love the colors of this quilt. I couldn't find the collection you used so I bought pieces from the Marcus Fabrics "Catalina" collection. Mine has butterflies on cream to replace the dotted fabrics, a multicolored stripe in lieu of the zigzag, and coral, aqua, lime and light gray with a white butterfly print for my four colors. It's quite striking, and will be a perfect little girl's quilt when it's finished and quilted with a butterfly design. The trouble is, no one I know has a little girl right now - the first girl baby that comes along gets the quilt!