Saturday, April 21, 2012

Week 4 Sunbonnet Sleuth

Last week I spoiled everyone by posting the new clue on Friday night. This week, I went out to dinner on Friday night so you are getting the 4th clue in our mystery on Saturday morning as promised. Easy sewing again this week. It's spring, I know you want to divide your time between your garden and your sewing machine so I am trying to ease off on time so you can do both without a conflict of conscience.


1.  Cut (4) light yellow 3-1/2" x wof strips. Recut into (40) 3-1/2" squares.

2. Cut (2) zig-zag stripe 6-1/2"  wof strips. Recut into (10) 6-1/2" squares.


3. Draw a diagonal line from corner-to-corner on the wrong side of the (40) 3-1/2" squares.

4.  Position a 3-1/2" square in opposite corners of the 6-1/2" square. Sew on the drawn line. Cut away 1/4" from the seam line. Fold out resulting triangle and press.

5.  Repeat Step 4 in the two remaining corners of the 6-1/2" square to complete the unit. Make 10 units. 


  1. Good for you for taking an evening off to enjoy yourself! Now to start sewing.....I've been eager to dig into the striped fabric.

  2. Done! Looking forward to using that beautiful aqua fabric (maybe next time?). I love the striped blocks.