Saturday, March 3, 2012

Week 4 - Sunbonnet Sleuth

What a wild Friday night it was! At 9:15 I got a call from my family in Georgia asking, "Where are you? There is a tornado headed straight towards your street!" I was relieved to say that I was not in Georgia at all but in Washington DC visiting my youngest daughter and my dog was boarded at a local kennel. About an hour later I got a call saying the tornado had only toppled a few trees in my neighborhood. Now I am waiting to see if any of those trees landed on my house (I have 4 big trees in my yard). I am hoping not.

Since I am safely away from the storm I have been able to complete step #4 of the Sunbonnet Sleuth Mystery. Next week will be the final week when you will put all of the elements together to complete the quilt. Here are the diagrams and instructions for this week.

Step 1. Cut (4) 5-1/2" x wof strips from fabric B. Recut these strips into (34) 5-1/2" squares.
Step 2. Cut (10) 3" x wof strips from fabric C. Recut these strips into (136) 3" squares.
Step 3. Position a fabric C 3" square in opposite corners of a fabric B 5-1/2" square. Stitch in a diagonal line from corner to corner on fabric C. Trim 1/4" from stitched line, fold out triangle and press. Repeat in two opposite corners to make a square-in-a-square block. Make 34.

Step 4. Cut (3) 5-1/2" x wof fabric F strips, recut into (24) 5-1/2" squares. Alternate (2) square-in-a-square blocks with (2) fabric F squares to make a block. Make 12 blocks.

Set the remainder of the square-in-a-square blocks aside to complete the quilt next week. 


  1. I think you have the labels for fabrics B and C swapped from your initial mystery instructions. In those, Fabric B was the dark purplish print and C was the more neutral. I went ahead and cut out the pieces going by the pictures, not the labels, with the SQS blocks having dark centers and lighter corners. I surely hope I guessed correctly!

  2. I posted the above comment before I added my hopes that your property is OK after the storms. It was crazy indeed here in the south last night. My area of Chattanooga doesn't appear to have been hit badly but some parts of the county were. I'm scared that all these storms mean we're going to have another tornado season like we had last April. A scary thought.

    1. We can only hope these early storms are not a sign of things to come this spring. All I could think about was the safety of my sewing room and computer. What would I do if I lost my sewing machines, my computer and my fabric stash? Scary