Monday, June 8, 2020

More Pineapples

Not everyone likes to make mini-quilts. Here are some quilts using 8" and 10" blocks. They have a 2" center square and 1" strips. Making a pineapple is easy using the Pineapple Trim Tool. I love to make scrap quilts and the pineapple block is a perfect choice for scraps. I usually alternate prints or solids for the bright/dark strips and a white or pale beige or grey for the light strips. A good contrast in values of lights and darks helps to make a block so the pattern stands out and grabs attention.

Here is a Pineapple quilt I made as a table topper. I am trying to reduce my inventory of finished quilts in the stacks that I have featured this spring. Call it Spring cleaning. This quilt is for sale in my Etsy shop. Simply go to Etsy and search for JeanAnnQuilts.

This Pineapple quilt was made by Peggy Segatto Ramich, a member of the facebook group, Grid Girls. This is an active bunch of quilters led by Deb Heatherly. They have virtual events and Mystery Quilt events. A New mystery starts June 8 and it promises to be lots of fun. 
These two patterns and the Creative Gris Pineapple Trim Tool can be ordered on my new webpage.

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