Monday, December 7, 2015

A quilt for baby....

Where do my daughters shop when they need a baby gift? In my quilt stash, of course. A couple months ago my daughter came to help me hang some's really great having an exhibits designer at the Smithsonian Institution expertly hang all your pictures and arrange your collectibles. This time there was a payback for the photo arrangement. Heidi needed a baby gift for a co-worker and she knew just where to shop.

I pulled out all the small quilts in my stash and let Heidi choose one for the baby shower gift. She decided that a richly colored quilt would suit this baby the best. So glad the baby is a girl as the fabrics and color are very girly.
Here is newborn Farah Ahmed taking a nap on her quilt. 
The "Wings" quilt by Jean Ann Wright, a pattern for Cut Loose Press that uses my Log Cabin Trim Tool Two. Pattern and ruler can be ordered from my website

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  1. Lovely quilt--and a lucky baby to get such a quilt--and have all that luxurious hair!