Monday, October 5, 2015

So Many little racks

For years I have been storing my rulers in ruler racks on my cutting table. My ruler inventory has grown with my own rulers and with other Creative Grids© rulers. Saturday my daughter came over to install some peg board on the back of a solid closet door in my studio. When the door is closed the rulers are in hiding. When I want a ruler I just open the door and there they are, hanging in place and easy to find.
You can see I have an old fashioned wood panel door and we had to add the peg board both above and below the door knob. Some of my rulers still have their labels attached, but I also have a notebook with clear plastic pockets in it to store the labels with directions to use the rulers for the rulers that I use the most often. This includes the directions for my own rulers as I still do refer to them when I am cutting and using the rulers. The ruler racks on my cutting table now just hold the rulers I use the most often.

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