Thursday, July 31, 2014

Traveling Quilts

How is that my quilts get to travel more than I do? Last month my Curvy Log Cabin quilts went to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They visited Sara Snuggerud at Heirloom Creations Sara did a fantastic job of creating a Youtube video showing how to use the ruler and the many different blocks and quilts you can make with my latest trim tool by Creative Grids

Take the time to visit Youtube and see how Sara uses the ruler. Her approach is a little different than mine. I add a full round of 4 logs and then trim, but Sara likes to add 2 strips of half a round, trim then add the remaining 2 strips of the round for the final trim. Both methods and choose your own.

Here is my newest Curvy Log Cabin quilt. I made the quilt in a week, another reason I love my trim tools because there is no precutting, no math and no measuring thus eliminating hours of prep work before starting to sew when you use the tools.

I used Tonga Treats Cabana 2-1/2" precut strips by Timeless Treasures. The setting for the quilt is the traditional straight furrows setting. The curved blocks in this setting look like waves gently breaking on the shore with the light rows water and sand and the dark rows are the seaweed.
The name of this new pattern is Sun, Surf and Seaweed.

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