Saturday, December 7, 2013

Going Hexie

Can you believe that I have been quilting for 50 years and have just now starting making hexagon quilts. Now that I have started I am going hexie crazy. I stayed away from hexagons because the idea of turning fabric over little paper hexagons and then whip stitching them together was quite daunting. Then I discovered the "Y" seam. Sewing this easy set in seam with its gentle angle is a snap. My friend Gyleen Fitzgerald calls it a butterfly seam...nothing more gentle than a butterfly, right? I like to call it a boomerang seam because of its shape. If Aussies can have fun throwing a boomerang, then quilters can have just as much fun sewing them!

Now I just can't stop making hexie quilts. The current December/January issue of Quilt Trends magazine features my newest hexagon quilt.

Here is the quilt as photographed for the magazine. It is made using fabrics from  the Cachet collection from Benartex I strip pieced the fabrics for the striped hexagons and before cutting them out. The print fabrics in the collection are large scale so only a big, beautiful hexagon will do for this quilt! The photo makes the quilt look deliciously tempting.

The hexagons are cut using the large 8" size hexagon on my new Creative Grids Hexagon Trim Tool. I made the entire quilt top in just two days. I didn't do much of anything else but then, when I can spend entire days doing nothing but sewing a quilt, I am as content as a cat who has just gotten into the cream. Bet you can't sew just one! 

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  1. Nice job! I really like the strip sets! I might even go so far as to crumb a few blocks and see how they look in a hexie. Thanks for the eye candy! cw