Thursday, December 5, 2013

Getting Organized

Getting organized is always a challenge for me. I love scrap quilts and I am happy to have a heap of scraps on my sewing table and "paw" through them to find the perfect strip to add to my block. I needed to make a second Confetti Hexagon quilt with my new Hexagon Trim Tool (both are available on my website) and I needed to make it in a hurry.

I decided to have one orange, one teal, and one green strip to alternate with the pale yellow strips in each round of the strips surrounding my center hexagon. Keeping the strips separated by color seemed a challenge until I got the idea to use a cutlery divider tray to keep my strips divided. The tray fits nicely just to the right of my sewing machine and takes very little space on my sewing table. Each strip is readily available when it is time to add another color. The short space at the front of the tray for spoons actually holds my scissors and seam ripper. Both need to be handy and ready for use.

Here is my sewing area with my new organizer sitting just where I need it as I select the new strip to sew in place.

Here is the Hexie Confetti quilt I made in just three days using the trim tool, my cutlery divider tray and my sewing machine. It is already at the Paw Patch Quilt Shop in Ohio for a weekend trunk show. It is made from batik scraps in a designated color scheme with colors that are in the border fabric. 

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  1. another fabulous quilt.I love scraps too,they are a spectracular rainbow.Have fun in Ohio!