Monday, January 14, 2013

The quilt cupboard

Here is another feature of my house renovation. In this century old house there used to be a fireplace in a wall that opened up into two adjacent bedrooms in the original house plan. One bedroom is now my living room and the other bedroom is the new dining room. When the fireplace was removed the walls were plastered over but it left a small sort of cut out space between the chimney space and the wall in the dining room. The more I considered what to do with this space the more obvious it became that built in shelves would make a great place to stack and store quilts. It didn't take place to fill the shelves with neatly folded quilts.

The bottom shelf holds the quilts that I have made for magazines over the past six years.
The second shelf has quilts I made for my first two books, Circle of Nine and Sashings and Settings.
The next shelf up holds Log quilts made the book, Log Cabin Quilts, the Basics and Beyond.
The top shelf holds a few antique quilts.
The books and my Log Cabin Trim Tool are available on my website:

The Circle of Nine is out of print. I have about a dozen copies left and then I will be out. Janet and I are writing a second edition with new projects and an expanded chapter on choosing and making spacers. We have learned a lot from quilters who have taken our workshops and plan to include these little nuggets of information in the new book. 

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  1. I am working on doing some remodel too, started with floors but it is moving through out the house. I took the doors off one of the closets and hope to put shelves in there to hold my favorites. Now that I see how beautiful yours are I am sure I made the right decision!

    Hollar at me if you need a pattern tester! cw