Monday, January 7, 2013

home sweet home

I spent the week after Christmas in West Palm Beach, Florida. I stayed with my daughter, her husband and my 5 yr old granddaughter in a "vacation cottage" in the neighborhood where I grew up. We took my granddaughter to play at the same playground where I played as a child. It was nostalgic and nice.

The neighborhood is the Grandview Historic District. When I was growing up it was just the "old neighborhood". Many of the older homes are now being bought by young couples and renovated into delightful little bungalows and larger Spanish style residences. The neighborhood is popular again because you can walk to the new City Place with lots of upscale shopping and restaurants. After I moved away from WPB the neighborhood turned into low income housing so it is exciting to see it being reclaimed as the fashionable place to live.

Announcing the newly designated Grandview Heights and Flamingo Park Historic Districts

Our house was on the corner of N Street and Florida Avenue. This is the N Street view. When I lived there the house was white. The pink is pretty and says "Florida". My bedroom was on the second floor with the double dormer window. We used to climb out on hot summer nights and sit on the roof to cool down. The house was built in 1925 without air conditioning or heating. 

This is the front door. We always went in the side kitchen door. The house is for sale. I wish I could afford to buy it for a winter vacation house. I have many happy memories of living there. Peeking through the window behind the tree on the far right you would look  into our little sewing room. We had an Elna sewing machine with those big cams for decorative stitches. I made all of my clothes that I wore to high school on that sewing machine. There was no chain link fence when we lived there. The house is listed for $221,000. My parents paid $14,000 for it in the early 1950's.

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