Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ugly Betty

When I look at some of the fat quarters I have impulsively bought over the years, all I can think of is that TV program, Ugly Betty. Why in the world did I think I just had to have these fat quarters? I must have had something in mind! Now they are here in my studio taking up valuable room, what to do with them?

There is a purpose for everything! My sister, Janet Houts, and I are finishing our third book, First Time Log Cabin Quilts, to be published by Landauer Publishing Corp. We are making some charts to let quilters know how many blocks can be made with strips cut from 1 light value fat quarter and 1 dark value fat quarter plus a fat eighth for the center squares. We are making the charts for 6", 8", 10" and 12" blocks. To make sure our numbers are accurate, I am stitching a series of blocks in each size using my ugly fat quarters. You will never see the sample blocks from the ugly fat quarters, but what a great way to sew into my overflowing stash while saving those "special" fabrics for some future quilted masterpiece.

Just to give you a little "eye candy" here is a Log Cabin quilt I made using some really pretty fabrics. It is a simple barn raising setting using 8" Log Cabin blocks.


  1. Sounds like it's going to be a great book...will have to add it to my 'must have' list! Love your quilt and I'm sure those 'Ugly Betty' FQs look good as log cabin blocks. :o)

  2. Can' wait to hear more about the book. How great that you are going to have "recipes" - I always struggle with how to cut my strips. This is a beautiful example. I think seeing your Ugly Betty's would be fun - maybe they are not as ugly as you think.

  3. In addition to using ugly fabrics, the real problem with the blocks is I used one fabric for the center squares, then I cut only 2 fat quarters, one light and one dark into the logs (strips) around the center square. This makes all the light value logs of the same fabric and all the dark value logs of the same fabric. It is the only way to figure how many blocks can be made from the 2 (1 light, 1 dark) fat quarter. So not only ugly, but boring blocks. But it is the only way to figure how many blocks can be made from 2 fat quarters in each of the sizes.