Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sunbonnet Sleuth Mystery #3

Time for a new mystery project.  This one measures 46" wide x 54" long. It is a great little wall quilt. I've used coffee theme fabrics, but you can pick any theme you like, or, no theme at all. Since it's summer, think beach theme using shells or garden theme using flowers. Do you need a baby or youth quilt? Use some fun children's theme fabrics. In using your own fabric collection, take care to match colors and color values for best results in your finished quilt.

Here are the fabrics you will need to make the quilt. Have fun pulling from your stash, or going shopping. You can use fat quarters or a quarter yard cut on width of fabric for the quarter yard pieces.

I am calling this mystery Have a Cuppa.

Color Hints: I've had some queries about the color combo's featured. For the fat quarter fabrics shown above, count the bright blue, red and bright green as "darks" and the two stripes and the gold as lights. 

If you want to select lights and darks for your fat quarters, select 3 light and 3 dark fat quarters. I used a dark coffee brown (or strong tea brown) for the plain darkest fabric, but you might want to use black, a very dark navy or purple or hunter green depending on your color palette.

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