Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year's Resolution Time

It's time for me to get this blog up and running again. I have been so busy for the past year....and hope to be just as busy with quilting in the year to come. But, all the business with designing new rulers and making project to go with them has made a big claim on my time.

I am still working on mini-rulers to go with the full size rulers I have previously designed. The latest is the 4" Curvy Log Cabin. It is available on my website, along with 5 patterns for quilts and projects.
With each new ruler comes new quilt and quilted project designs and Cut Loose Patterns. My creative brain spurts have produced smaller projects to go with the smaller rulers. Here are two projects I designed to go with the 4" Curvy Log Cabin Ruler. 

Fried Green Tomatoes

I couldn't resist making this table runner and placemats and naming it for a famous southern treat, fried green tomatoes. Take the photo required a trip to my favorite southern supermarket, Publix, to buy some green tomatoes and an orange pepper to dress up the photo. Also a trip to the quilt shop to get just the right orange fabric for the borders and backing. The 4" blocks are arranged three across in each row to make the circles and curves. The overall size of the table runner project is 16" wide and 36" long. 

Round The  World Tote

Here is another easy to make project. I have resisted making tote bags because I don't like sewing the zipper part. So all of my totes don't have zippers and they are super easy to make. This one has eight 4" curvy blocks to make the modern design. My daughter, who is an exhibits designer for the Smithsonian here in DC, is adopting my totes so she can have one to match whatever she is wearing. This is one of her favorites. More totes to come...!

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