Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Road Trip

Two years ago, just before I moved to Washington DC ad an apartment that was half the size of my house in Georgia, I gave lots of accumulated quilting "stuff" away.

A friend, Michele Bausch, collects antique quilts...some finished and some not. Since I could  not bring my unfinished vintage quilts with me I gave them to Michele. Here is one she is working on now. I love the string piecing since I do so much of it now, but not one in this pattern. It looked a lot like a rag when it was an unfinished top needing some mending. Michele's quilting has brought it to life.

Here is Michele's note to me that came with her photo: "I thought you might like to see what I am doing with one of the beautiful quilt tops you gave me. This is my current hand work project. Joe and I have two fairly long trips planned before the end of the year so I will be working on this unusual quilt from here to Arizona and back and during a three week cruise in the Caribbean. Thanks for trusting this beauty to me."  Michele

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  1. I'll send you a picture of the whole quilt when I finish the quilting. It is a beautiful design. A friend of mine called it "Tepees". I just may use that name for it on the label when it's complete.