Friday, August 28, 2015

A doggone quilt

Do you know what happens when you gift your children with quilts? They end up in all kinds of places. My second daughter, Ellen, has 3 dogs, all rescues. One from a fire, the others from living as "dumpster dogs", a term for abandoned dogs found eating out of dumpsters. Some kind person found them and took them to a shelter. The rescue people know my daughter is a softie so she adopted them. Here they are living a luxurious life....on one of my quilts!
Look at the bottom right corner, this is a Log Cabin quilt made years ago before I invented my Log Cabin Trim Tools by Creative Grids©. Wimby is on the left, she contracted an infection while living in the dumpster and she is blind. Next to her is Winston, named for Winston Churchill. He was just 6 lbs and ost nearly all his hair from malnutrition. He's now well fed and beautiful and healthy. At the back is Woody, short for Woodrow (named for president Woodrow Wilson) and rescued from the fire. I am happy to share one of my quilts with 3 little guys who are now loved and cared for by their new human parents. 

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