Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kanuga Time

Every January for the Martin Luther King holiday weekend my sister, Janet Houts, and I travel to Hendersonville, NC to lead a 3 day workshop. We each present a project or participants can bring their own project and we will help them.

When I travel I have to board my dog. Here in DC I decided to use the service called, Dogvacay. I found a wonderful couple who have a dog that has become Chloe's new best friend. Last night I dropped Chloe off and here she is settling in for the night (and a few nights to come). Chloe is the light colored dog and her friend is the black dog. And, yes, that is an antique quilt from the 1930's that Chloe likes to sleep on. My dog sitter's mother is a quilter from Raleigh, NC. I said, "please don't tell your mom that my dog sleeps on an antique quilt," but I bet she told her.

My Hexagon Trim Tool was created because Anne from Mississippi came to Kanuga and brought an antique quilt with rows of strips around the center hexagon. She wanted a pattern to make one like it so Janet and I worked one out for her. Naturally, I was inspired to do the Hexagon Trim Tool and you know the results! The rulers are available on my website:

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