Tuesday, November 11, 2014

There's nothing new....just almost new!

When my sister, Janet Houts, and I were designing quilts for fabric companies we figured we came up with a brand new concept - the Circle of Nine - to set blocks into a quilt. But my recent contact with a long time quilting friend, Carol Doak, has shown there is nothing really new in the quilting world or the whole wide world.

Carol has just launched her new Craftsy class: Paper Pieced Stars. In this class she has packed in all of her tips and tricks for paper piecing star blocks. Carol uses nine blocks (with eight surrounding the center block) to make a really big quilt that frames her blocks beautifully.
Visit Carol's website www.caroldoak.com to get more details about the class, to contact Carol, and to receive a discount that is being offered to sign up for the Craftsy class from Carol's website.

Here is the quilt Carol made in 1999 using the setting that Janet and I have used in our 3 books featuring this setting. You can see how the big triangles in the spacers around Carol's center block to create a star-within-a-star setting that is a dramatic frame for her paper pieced star blocks.
50 Fab quilt by Carol Doak, 1999

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  1. Whoever came up with it, it's a great designing option. I'm glad you reintroduced it as you did in Circle of Nine. Since I'm not a fan of paper piecing, I hadn't come across it. Thanks for sharing.