Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sister's Reunion

I have 3 sisters. We live in each time zone, I am in Eastern, Lynne is in Illinois (central), Janet Houts my co-quilter is in Idaho (mountain) and Gail is in California (pacific). Every few years we have a "sister's reunion". Last week we were in Illinois visiting Lynne.

One of our events was a visit to Her Majesty's English Tea Room in Dunlap IL. We had a british Tea for lunch and then spent some time looking at everything in the gift shop. There were full size cardboard cutouts of the royal family. I thought about getting a photo with William and Katherine, but finally decided on a selfie with the queen. She looks real in the photo. Amazing! I felt kind of silly taking the selfie because I have short arms and it was hard to get the camera far enough away to actually take the shot.

After the tea room we went next door to an amazing knit shop and we all bought yarn to knit something since Gail is a master knitter and knit designer. From there we went to a store front down the street and discovered some of our sister authors, Joanie Holton and Melanie Greseth, for Landauer Publishing were having a once a year "clean out the studio sale". Their business is Tailormade by Design and their website is: They also design for Benartex and like us, enjoy designing quilts with Michele D'Amore's fantastic fabric collections. One more thing we have in common with this other set of sisters, their mother taught them to quilt at a very young age (preschool) just as our mother taught us. 

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  1. The queen sure does look real! I started reading while glancing at the pic, and thought to myself,surely that can't be her sister, she looks exactly like the queen!"