Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Never too young to sew!

What does a new mother do when she starts getting her energy back and a little free time? She sews! This is my niece Jessica sewing a dress (black polka dots and yellow/white chevron stripes) for her 3 year old daughter. Notice the little baby face in the blue cap tucked up under Jessica's chin? That is new baby Charlotte Mae who was born April 5, weighing just 3 lbs 6 oz. She is growing like a little daisy and starting to give mom some free time to indulge in sewing as long as she is snuggled in tight against Mom's heart.

It wouldn't be fair to show you Olivia's new dress without showing you Olivia. She is a darling girl and we look forward to spending a week with her this summer at Kanuga, the Episcopal Center in Hendersonville, NC. We always have a family reunion week there during guest period. 

Jessica didn't sew much as a teenager, now Jessica loves to sew and is very good at it. Olivia's dress last summer had so much detail sewn into it that we were all surprised when Jessica said she made it herself. In our family the apples don't fall far from the tree. 

Olivia's Nana is making sure that Olivia learns how to sew. She has her stitching little squares together on the sewing machine. This is Olivia's first quilt. It looks like a little pile of scraps but it is somewhat sewn together. Olivia gave it to the dog, so it is presently residing in the dog bed. Way to go Olivia! Everyone has to start somewhere.

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