Monday, April 8, 2013

Red Hen Fabrics

Two summers ago I designed some fabric collections for Newcastle Fabrics. So far I haven't seen them in any of the local quilt shops. Last week, when I stopped in at Red Hen Fabrics I was surprised to see they now stock several bolts from the collection. My fabrics were spread across two tables so I brazenly rearranged their display to put all of my fabrics on one table. Then I dashed home to get a Log Cabin quilt I had made from my own fabric collection. I draped the quilt over the table and put the fabrics on top. Good thing I am good friends with Mary Ann Henderson, the shop owner. She took it all in stride and the display remains in tact. She is always happy to have a quilt made from fabric collections to show with the collections as it helps sell the fabric.

Here is the display at Red Hen Fabrics, Marietta, Georgia

The Log Cabin quilt is in the Barn Raising setting and it is featured in my new book
Log Cabin Quilts, the Basics and Beyond. 

And....the book and the tool. Naturally I used my Log Cabin Trim Tool to make the quilt. Both are available on my website:

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